VOIP Phone Service: What Is It and How Can It Save Your Construction Business?

VOIP Phone Service: What Is It and How Can It Save Your Construction Business?

Most people are probably not familiar with VOIP phone service or how it works (I consider myself fairly tech-savvy and I didn’t know anything about it until I started researching it).  In an economy where construction companies have seen massive cut backs, and being able to scale back is required, VOIP phone service might be one of the single greatest things I have learned about this year.

So what is VOIP phone service?   VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocal.  While that may sound technical, basically what it means is that you can take your phone system and channel it through the internet (via a broadband network).   This gives you HUGE flexibility and scalability in your business.  Not only is there a huge savings over traditional business accounts with the phone companies, but imagine being able to have phone calls rerouted to any phone, anywhere… have voicemails sent to your email.   Having multiple lines, multiple extensions, and giving the feel of a much bigger company than you may be.  I know… this probably sounds like a sales pitch for VOIP phone service but it isn’t.  It has actually helped my business.

So how can VOIP phone service help a construction business?   In this market, you can’t afford to miss any calls.   How about having a virtual system where the calls can be routed to any phone..  even if you don’t have an office.   You can have phone calls routed to your home, your cell phone, anywhere!  For my business, we created multiple extensions for our sales people, and various extensions for the office staff (which makes the business sound much more professional than calling and getting a centralized voicemail).  For the sales people, if they are not in the office, they can route the calls to their cell phones and it is seamless (the customer doesn’t even know they are being re-routed).   The best part is that voicemails can be converted to email as well.

One of the best things about the VOIP system is the reporting.  I love looking at reports and stats, so to be able to see missed calls, which departments are getting the most calls, average time on a call, etc… it helps me immensely.   But the biggest advantage has been the cost savings.   We priced it out against Comcast and Verizon in our area, and the difference is cost was sizable.   So whether your business is big or small, there is no reason why you can give the feeling of a large company and have the ability to be reached any time, anywhere by shifting to a VOIP phone system.

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