Using Safety and Quality Programs to Sell Your Services

Using Safety and Quality Programs to Sell Your Services

We usually look at safety and quality programs as being things we do because they’re the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to send people home safely and it’s the right thing to provide quality workmanship. But these are also aspects of any contracting organization that should be part of the sales pitch. They’re what differentiate your company from others like yours.

The first step to “selling” safety and quality to a project owner is to take pride in these aspects of your work. If safety and quality aren’t important to you, you can’t expect the client to care about these issues. The next step is to involve the client in the safety and quality process. Let them see how important these are to you, and share your pride in delivering high-quality projects safely. Here are several ways to engage the client:

  • When bidding on larger projects ask the client about their expectations for safety and quality and start positioning your company as the one that can meet these requirements better than the competition.
  • On larger projects with subcontractors, let owners participate in job site safety briefings and take them on periodic safety tours. Actively engage them by encouraging them to ask questions and provide input on your safety plan.
  • Develop project-specific quality checklists with the client’s input so it has meaning.
  • Educate the client on how safety compliance helps keep costs lower because you’re not having to pass along higher insurance premiums.
  • Explain how adherence to safety standards helps you complete projects quicker due to fewer lost time accidents.
  • Point out the benefits of maintaining job site housekeeping on the client’s property.
  • Reiterate how attention to quality means the job is done right the first time with fewer follow-up repairs needed.
  • As with safety, engage clients in the QA/QC process and seek their opinion on quality standards.
  • Identify construction hold points during the project and have the client tag along on inspections to verify construction quality before proceeding.
  • Describe your warranty program and how it relates to quality construction to the client’s benefit.

Demonstrating the importance of safety and quality to the client begins with you understanding and demonstrating the importance of these issues. Besides being the right thing to do, safety and quality can be key factors in separating your company from other contractors.

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