You Can Be A Professional Mind Reader Too!

You Can Be A Professional Mind Reader Too!

Ok, so I am not really a mind reader, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually know what your potential clients were thinking and address their concerns even before they bring them up?   Well, it really isn’t that hard to do.  One of the unique aspects of my cabinet kitchen business is that I get to interact with both homeowners and builders/contractors, so I get to see both sides of the story.   Let’s face, there are plenty of horror stories on both TV and on the internet about bad contractors and home improvement projects that have gone wrong.   There is a level of trust and comfort that must be established with the client, and the company that does the best job of doing that is going to win the project (even if they are not necessary the lowest cost provider).

People may not always know what to ask, so if you can answer their questions and concerns before they even become question or concerns, it positions your company as an authority in your field and helps establish a comfort level.   It is much easier to trust a company that is open an honest with information and details about the project than it is to believe a fast talking sales man.  So give your clients what they are looking for in the bid process before they even know what they are looking for (tap into your mind reading abilities)!

I am actually going to make this easy for you… over the past couple of months we have been surveying homeowners to find out exactly what it is that would make them feel more comfortable when hiring a contractor, and what questions they would like to have answered (this is your crystal ball into the clients mind).   After compiling the data, I put it all together in a list of the top 10 questions that contractors should be answering in the bid process.   By taking some extra time when creating your construction bid or quote, you can help overcome the distrust, build credibility, and position yourself ahead of all the other companies bidding on the project.

To download your free copy, click on the link below:
10 Most Important Questions To Address In the Bid Process

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