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Henry’s Housework specializes in Four different service industries that consist of handyman services, roofing, power washing and gutter services. Henry’s Housework has earned both Environmental and Wood certifications from the Power Washers of North America, as well as certifications and awards from Wolman, American Builders and Restoration, Certified for Jahn Masonry and Restoration. Henry’s Housework employees have also taken courses in house washing, roof cleaning, power washing 101, power washing 102 and building cleaning.  Henry Bockman has also received The Daily Points Of Light Award, and several awards from the Power Washers Of North America, and other contractor and networking organization awards.

I had the opportunity to ask Henry Bockman, President of Henry’s Housework, a few questions to find out how his business is doing in this economy.  They have been in business for over 23 years, and based on his answers, it looks like Henry’s Housework is staying one step ahead of the competition in a lot of ways.   What’s unique about their business (as compared to most other companies that I get the chance to speak with), is that he has shifted almost all of his efforts online, where he can control his spend and see a direct return for his marketing and advertising efforts.

With the current economic conditions, have you had to make any significant cutbacks in any areas of your business?  If so, where did you make those cutbacks? We have cut all of our advertising in the phone books, newspapers, and mailers.  We have focused all of our marketing online.  Since 94% of people search online for references and for service providers before hiring a contractor, this has enabled us to lower our costs on marketing considerably, and to increase our reach.  Our sales have increased by 20% each quarter, and our overhead for advertising and promotion has gone down by 90%  (This is a great example of how to make the internet work for your business.   Too many companies rely on the traditional methods of advertising because that is what they are comfortable with.  Mr Bockman adapted to the economic challenges by focusing his efforts online where he could reach a larger audience, and really control his cost per customer or cost per conversion.  By reducing his spend and increasing his sales he is ROI has gone through the roof)

What is it that separates your company from the competition? I think there are a couple of major differences between my companies and the majority of contractors.   First, I believe in giving back to the communities that have helped my companies grow.   Each year we donate our pressure washing services to communities or public icon’s like local parks and churches, all the way up to larger projects like the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Abner DoubleDay Stadium.  These projects show that we are qualified and experienced enough to handle jobs like this and also gives the pressure washing industry a lot of recognition.

The other major difference is our training and experience.  I am an instructor for the Contractors Foundation, and Power Washers of North America.   I have taught classes to hundreds of contractors all over the country on proper techniques, industry standards, marketing, and how to start a power washing company.  (Mr. Bockman touches on two very important aspects that most companies overlook.  The power  and exposure of community outreach and, almost as important, the ability to turn yourself or your company into an industry authority or expert.

The hardest aspect to overcome in any service industry is the trust factor.  It is very hard to build trust with a client through an ad or website.  So how do you do that?  1) is through customer testimonials- getting customers to tell other potential customers 2) is through association-  by donating services to creates instant trust and credibility (if his business is trusted enough to power wash the Lincoln Memorial than he has to be good enough for my house!).  The association with public icons lends instant credibility through association

The other thing that Mr. Bockman touched on was being an authority in his industry.    Being an instructor for the Contractors Foundation, and the Power Washers of North America gives him instant credibility with both clients and others in his field.   (If he is experienced enough to be training others how to build a business, than he must be trustworthy and reliable enough to work on my house! )

If you could offer one business tip to other businesses that could instantly improve their ROI or enhance their business, what would it be? Hire a professional to build a website for your company that also knows SEO, so that it gets found in search engine results for your services, and converts visitors into customers.  I agree with Mr. Bockman, but would take it one step further.  Very few companies are experts at both.  Most designers go for looks over function, and most SEO people go for function and optimization over looks.   Your website doesn’t have to be flashy, but should showcase your companies abilities, and be optimized to help with the search engines.   You need  a good balance of both.  What most people don’t realize is that basic SEO (search engine optimization) you can do yourself.  You don’t have to hire a high priced marketing company, or spend money on services that don’t produce.   Find someone that will empower you to do it yourself, not charge you money for smoke and mirrors.  I do all of my own SEO for my businesses, so I am speaking from first hand experience.

What professional organizations do you participate in and have you found any real value (leads, jobs, bids, connections) a a result of joining them? The Contractors Foundation, The Pressure Washing Guide BBS, Community Associations Institute, Business Networking International.  As we have seen by his answers to the other questions, Mr. Bockman has been able to generate some invaluable connections from the organizations that he is active in.

From the dozen or so questions that Mr. Bockman responded to, and from what I have been able to read about his business online, he has done a great job of positioning his business as a leader- not only in his community, but also in his industry as a whole.  By shifting his focus from off-line forms of marketing, to almost 100% online marketing, he has been able to expand his target area and focus in on his target market.  He has laid the groundwork to remain successful in almost any economic conditions.

If you would like more information about Henry’s Housework, you can reach them at 301-216-9675 or head over to their website at:  Henry’s Housework

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