Creating a Customer For Life

Creating a Customer For Life

If you put an emphasis on customer service and go the extra mile to make sure your clients are satisfied, they will be more likely to call on you again. The important thing to remember when it comes to customer satisfaction is that it’s easier for people to dislike a company than it is to dislike another person. By putting a face on your company through personal interaction, you’ll put yourself in a better position to create a satisfied customer. And once this relationship is in place and trust is fostered, the customer is less likely to stray. But how do you create this relationship?

By focusing on the small details, you can assure the customer that you care about their needs. Make no mistake; however, this takes a great deal of time and energy. Many of these things seem like common sense, but they are the details that customers notice:

• Be on time to your appointments
• Provide free estimates
• Listen to your customers’ needs
• Answer your customers’ questions
• Don’t dismiss your customers’ concerns
• Be an advocate for the customer, not an adversary
• Promptly respond to your customers’ phone calls or e-mails
• Clearly explain your policies and the repair/construction process
• Help educate the customer about your attention to safety and quality and why they should care
about this
• Know your products and service thoroughly
• Do what you say you’re going to do
• Under promise and over deliver
• Give your customers a reason to come back with coupons or give-away items
• Follow-up when the job is finished to assess the customer’s satisfaction
• Send thank you notes or postcards
• Offer extended warranties or some type of follow-up service
• Create a customer database so you can maintain periodic contact

These are just some of the ideas, and you’re probably doing many of these things already without thinking about it. Other items on this list might be reminders of things you used to do but no longer do for whatever reason. This certainly isn’t meant to be a complete list, but is intended to get you thinking about the things that make sense for your company.

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