Construction Marketing on a Shoe String Budget

Construction Marketing on a Shoe String Budget

While marketing, promotional and advertising activities are important to continue generating business prospects, as a business owner you have other issues to focus on and other areas of your operation where you must focus your financial resources. But there’s good news. There are several low-cost to no-cost marketing ideas that are easy to implement to keep your business in the forefront:

1. Use the back of your business card – Instead of leaving the back of your card blank, use this space to include your company’s motto or perhaps a tip related to your business such as when to replace furnace filters or how to care for carpets.
2. Incorporate sales messages with your voicemail or on-hold recordings – Come up with very brief, focused messages to incorporate in your pre-recorded voicemail message that lets customers know you’re not available. If your company’s phone system includes on-hold music, you can use this avenue to talk about your company’s experience.
3. Project experience pages or brochures – Highlight your experience by creating one-page overviews with pictures and text that describe the project’s challenges and how you met them, client testimonials and your ability to meet the client’s goals for the project.
4. Specialty marketing items – Leave-behinds like magnets, key chains or notepads for your customers will help keep your company’s name and contact information at the top of mind.
5. Pre-recorded phone calls – Contact prospective customers with “reverse” phone calls that include information on your company’s expertise. Try to plan these calls at times when customers are more apt to buy your services. For instance, roofing companies should call after hailstorms, HVAC companies just prior to the winter heating season and basement remodelers after a heavy rainstorm.
6. Participate in home improvement shows or conduct seminars – While there are more costs associated with securing a spot in a local home show, many home improvement stores allow contractors to conduct in-store seminars for customers.
7. Send follow-up postcards – These are less expensive than letters, and still allow you to stay in contact with customers by asking for their feedback on your service or by providing follow-up tips and advice.

8. Participate in social media marketing – Develop a Facebook and Twitter presence if you don’t already have one, and offer customers some type of discount each time they “like” your company or “re-tweet” a message.
9. Take advantage of business certifications – If your company is eligible for small business or disadvantaged business status, take advantage of these certification programs and participate in workshops offered by these certifying programs for networking opportunities.

10.  Write articles – Whether it’s for a home owners’ association newsletter, a blog site or a Chamber of Commerce publication, take advantage of every opportunity to get your company’s name in front of would-be clients. If you can provide them with some type of free tip or advice in this article, they will be more apt to call on you when they need your services.

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