Taking Your Construction Business on The Road

Taking Your Construction Business on The Road

It’s no secret that the housing industry is hurting and has been for quite some time. Depending on the part of the country you happen to be located in, commercial construction isn’t doing much better. If you’re a large general contractor or homebuilding company, you can probably weather the downturn by tightening the purse strings for awhile. But what if you happen to be a smaller company without the deep pockets or resources of a larger operation, how can you continue to survive this industry slowdown that seems without end?

One solution might be to latch onto a national chain of retail stores or restaurants that has plans for expansion – it might mean a little bit of traveling for some or all of your employees, but at least they’ll have work. So how do you go about getting started?

Most regional or national chains have a construction or real estate department that handles new construction and the remodeling and maintenance of existing locations. You can usually find a phone number or email address for this office on the company’s website or by calling a local store. In most cases you will have to go through a qualification process to ensure you have a reputable company and are capable of meeting the corporation’s construction standards. If all goes well, you may get invited to submit a construction or remodeling bid on the next project in your region. The process can differ depending on the restaurant or retail chain, but once you’re an approved contractor, your foot is in the door.

So how much will you have to travel? It depends on the company and whether you’re doing regional or national work. My company got in with a regional bank many years ago and we did just about all of their expansion and remodeling work over a five year period, but there wasn’t any overnight work involved at all. However, if you commit to working nationally, expect to be away from home for at least the work week and possibly for the duration of the project.

What the most important item to remember when working for a large chain of stores or eating establishments? In my experience, it’s maintaining the construction schedule that the company is doing their planning around as they tend to frown on changing Grand Opening dates.

If you can’t find any local construction projects, give some thought to hitting the road.

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