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Look It Up: Construction Books to Add to your Office Seasoned construction professionals like to think there’s little they haven’t seen over the course of a long career. However, the truth is that one of the things that make a career in construction so much fun is that you have the opportunity to learn something new almost every day. There always... More
Posted by admin on Jan 31, 2012

Working with Building Inspectors Regardless of whether you’re a general contractor, home builder, or sub-contractor, if you’re working in the construction industry, you’ll need to maintain a good relationship with the local inspectors. In many cases these people are involved in your project from the time permits are approved... More
Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2011

Joint Ventures:  When are two contractors better than one? A large project has come up for bid and a contractor knows he is qualified—for roughly half the requirements.  Hard to pass it by.  Must he?  Possibly not.  Owners and architects have already recognized the necessity for individual arrangements, called joint ventures, and in fact approve when... More
Posted by admin on Nov 02, 2010

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