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Is your Overhead Costing you Jobs? As you well know, times are tough for many companies in the construction industry these days – especially for smaller contractors with limited resources. Bidding for jobs has become extremely competitive and it’s often difficult to comprehend how the winning contractor is able to complete the... More
Posted by admin on Feb 06, 2012

The Extra Mega Bonus Strategy We have all seen those late night infomercials where they are trying to sell you this unbelievably important product that you absolutely must have…and if you order now you will get it at 10% of the value or some ridiculous price.   My favorite part of those ads is when they throw out the... More
Posted by admin on Jun 26, 2011

Value-Added Bidding: The Key to Winning Highly Competitive Bids Project costs will always be important to owners and architects, but another factor comes into play on particular projects (and bidding is tight) that can mean the difference in awarding the bid to one contractor or another.  For anyone unfamiliar with the term “Value-Added Bidding”,... More
Posted by admin on Nov 03, 2010

Constuction Bid Check List As you may know, in my primary business, we bid on a lot of large projects to supply the kitchen cabinets for apartment remodels, new construction, etc… we also work with a lot of contractors, and I constantly hear them talking about big installation projects that they bid on but lost. What... More
Posted by admin on Nov 01, 2010

Your Customers Want More- and They Will Pay For It This is one of the chapter titles from the book CoDestiny: Overcome Your Growth Challenges by Helping Your Customers Overcome Theirs, written by George F Brown, Jr and Atlle Valentine Pope. They are also the cofounders of Blue Canyon Partners, Inc, a strategy consulting firm that helps... More
Posted by admin on Nov 01, 2010

The bid is a company’s opportunity to sell its services to a client. While the construction industry continues to recover from the economic downturn, it’s essential to craft an effective submission that allows your company to succeed over your competition. A winning bid is more than a document... More
Posted by admin on Nov 01, 2010

Qualifications Vs. Risk: Are You Willing to Risk Your Reputation? “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the boiler room.” Old saying paraphrased—but still true—and applies directly to contractors who even think about bidding a job with second (or no) thoughts about their qualifications. Qualification and Risk are partners in the... More
Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2010

Construction Project Bidding: How to Determine What Price To Charge For anyone who has done sales before, the big question when it comes to their business is: How do I price my services and how to I relay the benefits of those services to my customers so they will pay for them? For someone selling goods, the price is not so complex – you buy or manufacture a... More
Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2010

Researching The Bid: Plans & Specifications Don’t Tell The Whole Story THE OWNERWhether it is a large industrial project or a residence, researching the owner is never a waste of time. The reason behind the effort is to establish influence on the project. Who is the person making all of the decisions? What sort of a person (or entity) will guide the... More
Posted by admin on Sep 21, 2010

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