The Future of Google- How it is going to Affect Your Business

Google has a cat and mouse game that they play with site ranking, the search engine results, and providing the best user experience possible.  Internet Marketing companies try to use Search Engine Optimization techniques to get the best possible ranking for companies like yours.   Strategies are always evolving, but it looks like Google is taking a major step in filling in the holes in their search results.  They have recently taken a step to de-value link databases and sites that were not actually providing any content (just links for sale).   The latest wave is aimed at leveling the playing field.  So how is this going to affect your business?

If you have been outsourcing any SEO work to marketing companies, odds are they are using or had been using the techniques that Google aims to shut down.  Link data bases and link farms were a big part of most SEO strategies, by devaluing the links from these sites, it can potentially have a big impact on YOUR website.    The push by Google is now towards quality onsite content, trying to give sites that provide content (and consistently new content that isn’t over optimized) more weight against those sites that have a lot of links.    For those companies that were outsourcing link building, and not focusing on the content on their site, you will more than likely see a negative shift in your website ranking.  If you have been diligently adding quality content, and sharing it on social media sites to give it exposure, than you are going to see a positive impact to your ranking.

So if you are using outside agencies to build your SEO ranking, it may be time to look at their strategies.   I have always used a diverse strategy that draws in links from a wide range of sources, not relying heavily on any one method of building links.  So before you start handing over your marketing efforts to another company, make sure know exactly how they are going to handle your SEO.

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