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Mulderrig Builders LLC is high end remodeling/building company in Southampton, NY that specializes in new custom homes and renovations.  They have been in business for 11 years, and have had to change their business model in order to keep up with the changes in the economy.   With the demand for new luxury homes having dropped all around the country, they have shifted over to remodeling to help maintain their business.

I had the opportunity to ask Edward Mulderrig, one of the partners in the business, a list of questions and he had some great input that could be helpful to other businesses.   He brings up a few really good points that every business should be focusing on.

With the current state of the housing/construction market, how has your business been able to weather the storm?  We were only doing new custom homes and new spec building, but in the last year we have shifted over to taking on more renovations and have halted spec home building for now  (This is one of the toughest decisions for a business to make, but when your market (or in this case the economy) starts to shift, you have to be willing to adjust to survive)

With the demand for high end renovations being low right now, what are you doing to help overcome the reluctance to spend more on a renovation? In the past, the work was readily available.  Now, we have to sell the job, and educate each client on the different methods of construction so they can make a more informed decision.  (This is a great point!  Most companies when they are faced with price apprehension or a lower priced competitor, they immediately just drop their prices.  Even in a down economy, you can still have a higher priced service or commodity, if you take the time to show the added-value or quality.  In this case, by educating the customer about different methods of construction they are forcing the client to look at more than just price).

What is it that separates your company from the competition?   We are small enough to know what is happening on each job and we are able to keep the project on track, on budget, and maintain a high quality product.  (Another great point that Edward made.  When a client hires your company, they are really hiring you.  You made a connection, and they trusted in what you had to say and your expertise.   If you are going to send an inexperienced manager to the job site, or even worse, not even be there while there are sub-contractors working, you are putting your reputation on the line.  This is why it is very important to properly manage each and every project.  Be on-site, make sure everything is getting done on-time and up to the level of quality that you sold to your client.  Believe it or not, this alone could be your value-added sell to your clients!) 

If you could offer one business tip to other businesses that could help improve their ROI or enhance their business, what would it be?   Have somebody who is knowledgeable about the project at hand and that you can trust on the job during working hours.  It will be worth the savings in miscommunications.  (This builds off of the last question, but a really valid point.   The amount of time and energy that can be lost because of miscommunications and/or mistakes that could occur simply by not having someone on-site, make it well worth the cost of having an expert there to oversee everything)

From what I have been able to learn about Mulderrig Builders, they have a great company, with a clear vision and great strategy for demanding a higher price for a higher quality product.   The only recommendation that I would make, is to establish a website, internet marketing, and social networking campaign.   With the quality of the work that they do, they want to promote that and use that as marketing leverage.

If you would like more information about Mulderrig Builders LLC, you can contact them at 631-374-1197

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