Elevate Construction

Elevate Construction

Elevate construction is a commercial general contractor that specializes in tenant buildouts and bank work. They are located in the Wilmington, NC area and have been in business for a little over two years. One of the biggest challenges for Elevate construction has been breaking into a well established market, with lots of competition.

Gaining new business is never easy, but when you are new to the market, it is even more difficult. That being said, when I had a chance to ask Kevin Breed, President of Elevate Construction a couple of questions I discovered a couple of really useful strategies that he is using that I thought I would share.

Aside from the economy, what is the biggest challenge that ou company faces right now? Breaking into a new market.. a small market with already established relationships between general contractors and commercial real estate brokers. Being fairly new, getting funding for the larger projects has also been a challenge (breaking into any market is always a challenge, especially when you have the dual factors of established relationships AND limited amount of work. This is where networking will come into play. The only way to break into an established market is to be visible, and offer value-added services and/or think outside the box. Usually with an established market, the leaders will become complacent, and not offer up new ideas. This is why it is always important to stay on top of the latest trends and offer up unique selling points).

What methods are you implementing to overcome this challenge? Persistence in building relationships. I have a blog that I post to monthly and email to all commercial brokers, developers, and architects. I also created a flyer offering 10% off construction fees and hand delivered them. (They are doing a couple of things right and have started embracing what the internet and email marketing can do to enhance their company. I would take it even a step further, but creating a special report with good content that is worth reading. Something that can be given away free to build up the email list. I would increase the frequency of the emails, so long as you can provide good content and/or testimonials and pictures of your work. Get people to pay attention!)

What is it that separates your company from the competition? Primarily it is our low overhead and low fees to keep the costs down. Plus we are offering new and innovative methods, since the market place has become complacent in terms of construction. (This goes back to when I mentioned before about being innovative and offering new solutions. From my experience, one of the easiest ways to be successful in internet marketing is to research different industries, find a segment with good traffic but older, well established businesses servicing that market that have grown comfortable in their position. In any industry, if you are not constantly educating yourself and keeping up with new trends, someone else is and will be ready to take your place).

Do you have a website, and if so, how much traffic do you generate from it? We do have one, but not sure how much traffic there is. (This is one area where I see that they are lacking, but it is an easy fix. By not knowing how much traffic is coming to your website, it is like having a retail store and not knowing how many customers come through the door every day. This is definitely lost opportunity, but luckily it is an easy fix. Google Analytics offers all of the statistics you need to monitor traffic to your website and to figure out where that traffic is coming from)

If you could offer one business tip to other businesses that could help improve their ROI or enhance their business, what would it be? Branding, it is very important to have a professional look and consistency in marketing. (This is a very, very good point that Kevin makes. Most companies don’t think about branding when it comes to how they present themselves in meetings, on bids, or in marketing. Your website, marketing material, and messages (email, mail, flyers) are the first impression that people have about you and your company. You may be turning clients away or turning them off to your business, before you even have a chance to have a conversation with them. Whether you have a two man team, or several hundred employees, it is important to have a professional image and cohesive message to your clients)

Being new to the Wilmington market place, I think Elevate Construction is positioning itself correctly to be able to start penetrating the market with new and innovative services. By networking more aggressively and getting good content distributed on their blog and in their email campaigns, I can see continued growth for their company.

If you would like more information about Elevate Construction, you can go to their website at http://www.elevate-construction.com

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