Network your Way to New Jobs

Network your Way to New Jobs

While your hands may be full these days trying to keep up with all aspects of your construction business while operating with a reduced staff, there’s one small task you shouldn’t overlook: making time to join local, state, and national organizations that help you network your services. Being a member in good standing of these groups not only looks good when they’re listed on your resume and webpage, it can help keep you up to date on industry happenings and may even give you some advance notice on potential projects.

So what organizations are out there and which of them might help your company the most? It all depends on what aspect of the industry your company operates in, but here are a few you might want to consider:

  • Chamber of Commerce – almost every city and town has a Chamber that provides many valuable services for local businesses. When new residents move into the community, the Chamber often provides a list of reputable companies that can help with their transition. They also have “After Hours” member meetings on a monthly schedule that offer an opportunity for you to meet other business owners and possibly get some inside information on planned expansions and renovations.
  • Better Business Bureau – maintaining a good relationship with your local Better Business Bureau can be very important these days with so many questionable contractors floating around – especially if you’re in the remodeling or renovation segment of the construction industry. Homeowners are often advised to contact their local Bureau to check on contractors before hiring anyone to do work on their home – you want them to report that you have a sterling record and reputation.
  • National Association of Home Builders – if you build any houses during the year, this organization is very helpful to find out about current design trends, sales activity in individual states and across the nation, upcoming code changes, and just about anything else having to do with the homebuilding industry. There are normally local branches of this organization that can provide assistance in your specific region.
  • Country Clubs – while your local country club might seem to be more of a place to relax than to generate new business, there are a lot of deals done on the golf course, tennis courts and in the club houses. Being a member may bring you more work than any listing in a phone book and it will definitely be more fun.

These are just a few examples of the types of organizations that can assist your company’s growth and may lead to new projects – make time to network your services.

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