Lost Opportunity and The Impact It is Having On Your Business

Lost Opportunity and The Impact It is Having On Your Business

With the challenges facing the construction industry right now, I am really surprised by the number of construction companies and contractors (both big and small) that don’t put the time and effort into people visiting their websites as they do leads that they may come across through word of mouth.

Think of it this way: Let’s say you have a store and you have invested a great deal into advertising your store. The advertising pays off because you see lots of cars pulling up to your parking lot and people are streaming into your store.

Then you notice that almost everyone who walks into your store just looks around for a few seconds, they make a face and walk out the door without buying anything, without even really looking at what you had to offer.

Let’s say that this is happening with nine out of every 10 people who walk in your door.

Any business owner who saw this would think to themselves “Hold on there. There is something very wrong in my store. Maybe I’m not displaying my products well. Maybe my prices are crazy…”

The main thing the owner would do is take action. They understand that if people keep walking out, they are going to be out of business very quickly.

This is exactly what’s happening on your website!

When a potential client comes to your website and leaves without even clicking on one thing, when the only page they see is your homepage and they take off in a few seconds- that’s called a “bounce.” Your “bounce rate” is the percentage of your visitors who “bounce” from your site.

You may find this hard to believe, but the average website has a bounce rate of over 50%. For many sites, it’s much worse. What is even more amazing is that many businesses have no idea of what their bounce rate is. In fact, they have no clue as to any aspects of the behavior patterns of the visitors to their site. All they know is when they get a lead from the site.

I have been surveying business owners in the construction industry, and I came across one guy who was getting very few leads from his website but said that he really didn’t care. He felt that the website wasn’t his real business and any leads he got from it were gravy.

When I asked him how many visitors he actually got to his site, he had no idea. He had no idea how many potential clients were actually coming to his online business!! In this day and age, a website is no longer just a way for clients to find your phone number. Since the majority of people search online before picking up a phone book, this could be your one and only chance to catch a potential client’s attention before they find the next contractor or builder. Before I jump into everything that your website SHOULD have, let’s just focus on the visitors that you never even get to talk to.

This is what I mean when I talk about the real cost of lost opportunity!

Anyone doing business on the web who isn’t closely analyzing user behavior is out of his mind. There are many companies offering web analytics, but Google Analytics is both informative and free. By installing Google Analytics, you will learn:

• Where your visitors are arriving from
• Where they go after leaving your site
• From which pages do visitors tend to leave your site
• Your bounce rate
• How long your visitors are staying on your site
• How many pages your visitors are looking at
• Which specific pages are they going to
• What percentage of your visitors are taking positive actions
o Filling out a form
o Buying your products
o Requesting a quote
o Seeking customer service

Armed with this information business owners are in a much better position to make intelligent decisions about revamping their website. In all of my businesses, I closely monitor the analytics of the website. By being able to see what customers are looking at (or not looking at) when they come to my websites, I can make improvements or changes to increase the likelihood of converting them into a customer rather than just a visitor to that website.

Analytics can also teach you a lot about your competition. How many people are coming to your site directly from a competitor’s site? How many people go straight from your site to a competitor’s?
But, the single most important statistic is your bounce rate. This tells you, in a global way, if your website is any good.

There are many reasons why people “bounce” from websites.

Marketing Issues
If your marketing messages aren’t clear or are overly broad, you may be driving a lot of “unqualified” traffic to your site. This means that your visitors have no real interest in or need for your company’s services.

Messaging Issues
Most business sites fail to convey the real value proposition offered by the company. They present their information in long, dense paragraphs. Attention spans on the web are extremely short. When confronted by dense content on the web, visitors overwhelmingly click away.
Instead of quickly and cleaning presenting the value they bring to their clients and customers, you get these lengthy “About Us” pages that nobody wants to read.

Issues with Calls to Action
The whole idea of having a business website is to get your visitors to take a specific action. I see websites all the time that don’t even have a phone number to call on the homepage. Other companies make their calls to action so small or hard to find that they are meaningless.

I mean, I’ve been on contractor sites where the pictures of their work looked good and I would be tempted to call them, only to find that there was no number to call!

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, or hire a big time marketing firm to make significant improvements to your website and the viewer’s experience. By changing the way information is presented, adding a call to action, and properly showing off what separates you from all of the other builders and contractors in your field, you can start capturing some of these visitors and turning them into clients. Over the next couple of weeks I will be providing easy to implement steps that can help take your website to the next level!

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