One Click Advertising: Are You Onboard?

One Click Advertising: Are You Onboard?

I’ve been working on the content for the website of a young Texas homebuilder the past week and it suddenly struck me just how much construction advertising has changed during recent years. When I first started building homes almost 30 years ago, quite a bit of my time was spent chauffeuring prospective customers around to houses I had built in the past to show them what was possible and if those old customers happened to be home, perhaps even get them inside.

I didn’t have an office in the beginning, so much time and money was spent wining and dining people as I explained how the building process worked. Unfortunately, there were even times when we eventually decided that for one reason or another we weren’t a very good match. How times have changed! This young Texas builder not only seems to be very knowledgeable about the construction industry, he’s also very tech and advertising savvy.

Customers searching for a builder can click on his website and immediately browse through a portfolio of his projects including custom homes, completed ready to move into houses, and before and after pictures of his many remodeling jobs. The site provides information about his company, its history and the experience level of key employees, and also goes into detail on what to expect if you choose him as your homebuilder. If this is the first home you’ve ever had built or your first major remodeling project, his website shows you a generic step by step progression of a typical job from start to finish.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial builder, the business is always going to require a lot of face time with your customers. They expect it and the time spent can lead to a happy client and the prospect of referral projects, but having a web presence can definitely make your job a lot easier. The customer knows a little about you and your company before the first meeting, can have an opportunity to see a little of your past work, and may even be able to decide that you’re not the type of builder they’re looking for before wasting your time.

If your company doesn’t already have a website, it may be well worth your while to invest a little money to create a web presence and if you already have one, make sure it’s updated regularly with your latest projects. It might be the best advertising you’ve ever done.

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