What’s Really Happening on your Projects?

What’s Really Happening on your Projects?

How much time do you spend on your jobsites? Running a construction company these days is often a 12 hour a day, 7 days a week job that’s filled with stress – especially when you have other people depending on you for their jobs. But even though you might be extremely busy, don’t forget what your business is all about – spend some time walking through the buildings or homes that your company has under construction. You might be surprised at what you learn.

While what you do in the office is extremely important to your business, your projects are the public face of the company and may do more to bring in new jobs than anything done from behind your desk. Keep in mind that walking through your projects doesn’t mean driving past the site with a cell phone up to your ear – it means physically walking through the structure, looking at the sticks and bricks, and talking to every subcontractor you can along the way.

What will you learn? Well it depends when you stop by, but you might see how clean the building and jobsite looks at the end of the work day when the general public is driving by on their way home. If you get an early start, you might see what time your crews and subcontractors actually show up and start doing their jobs. Stopping by at night while out for a quick trip to the grocery store might allow you to see just how secure the building has been closed up and give you some insight as to why so many materials are disappearing into thin air.

Of course, visiting your site during the middle of the workday can provide the opportunity to expand your construction knowledge by talking to your subcontractors. While it may not seem like it at first glance, that young electrician or trim carpenter working on your building might have some great ideas for changes that might save you money or help better market your product. In many cases, they’ve just been waiting for someone to talk to who was willing to listen. They can also be great sources for information about upcoming code changes, issues going on within their company that could affect your business, and any feedback heard while your customers were paying the building a visit.

Get out and walk through your homes and buildings under construction – if nothing else, it will be a chance to get some fresh air and be a nice break from the stress at the office.

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