The Importance of Face to Face Construction Project Meetings

The Importance of Face to Face Construction Project Meetings

Not too many people enjoy attending meetings and if you own a construction related company, you may think that spending time in them causes a loss of production time in the office and on the jobsite. However, a meeting done correctly can actually increase production, improve efficiency, and may even help your profits. They can also improve the working relationship between your company and its customers and sub-contractors – which is always a good thing. So what type of meetings are we talking about and when should they occur? Here are a few examples:

Pre-construction Meetings with Customers

Nobody likes a customer who is constantly calling with questions while a project is underway. You may not be able to completely stop their questions and the assistance they continually offer, but you can limit them by having a pre-construction meeting before the project gets underway. Give them an idea of the schedule you have planned, the order sub-contractors proceed in, and inform them of your policies concerning customers on the jobsite. These types of meetings can often ensure smooth sailing for your project all the way through to completion.

Pre-construction Meetings with Sub-Contractors

One big meeting with sub-contractors you plan to use on a project, or at least their superintendents and project managers, can eliminate a lot of small informal get-togethers and there is no question as to what information was conveyed. The project schedule can be discussed, sub-contractor concerns addressed, and logistics such as keeping a clean jobsite and where trash should be placed brought to everyone’s attention. These meetings can also be a great time to discuss jobsite safety and you might want to get everyone in attendance to sign a log-in sheet for OSHA purposes.

Employee Meetings

Regardless of what you might have read about Steve Jobs’ management style, most employees don’t work well when they’re constantly worrying about their job security – besides, very few of us have the charisma and intelligence that Steve Jobs possessed. These are difficult times for many construction related companies. It doesn’t hurt to let employees know that you have projects on the horizon and that if everyone works together as a team, the company and their jobs should be able to weather the storm.

Meetings can help your company and its projects, but keep in mind that having too many can have the opposite effect.

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