New Construction vs. Remodeling: What You Need to Know

New Construction vs. Remodeling: What You Need to Know

It wasn’t that long ago that a small homebuilding or general contracting company could stay busy by building houses. There was more than enough business to keep everyone busy – even when the large regional and national builders were figured in. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country that’s no longer the case and who knows when those times may return? Many of these companies have decided to diversify into remodeling and while that industry isn’t exactly thriving either, when those jobs are added to new construction projects, there may be enough to keep crews busy until things get better.

If you’re considering taking on some remodeling jobs, keep in mind that while many of the construction methods are about the same, how your crews go about doing their work can be a little different. Maintaining good customer relations can also require a few changes to the standard operating procedures used when building a new house. Give some thought to these considerations:

  • Communication – with most remodeling jobs the customers are going to be inspecting your work on a daily basis – keeping them in the loop as to what the construction schedule is and what is planned for the week’s work can eliminate a lot of questions and misunderstandings.
  • Schedule – speaking of scheduling, when you’re remodeling a family’s kitchen or main bathroom, falling behind schedule can be a lot more irritating to a customer than when you fall behind on the electrical rough-in on a new home.
  • Appearance – not too many people care what your crews look like when they’re working on a new house as there are usually only other workers around the site. However, when doing a remodeling project, your crews are often around the customer and their family on a daily basis – questionable attire should be avoided.
  • Cleanliness – keeping the site clean when building a new home is usually preferable as it can be good advertising for your company. However, keeping a remodeling project clean on a daily basis is imperative if you want to leave a good impression with the customer. Make sure your crews and sub-contractors are aware that someone is living in the home while they’re doing their work.
  • Supervision – make sure you have a responsible supervisor on the project and the customer knows who they are. You don’t want it to appear as though no one is in charge while workers are in your customer’s home.

There’s no reason why you can’t diversify into remodeling projects, but remember that your crews and sub-contractors will often be working on an occupied home.

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