Google +1 Button- How This is Going to Impact Your Business

Google +1 Button-  How This is Going to Impact Your Business

You may have noticed a new button popping up all over the internet, right next to the Facebook “like” button and the Twitter button…  so what is it?   Google recently rolled out their answer to Facebook’s like button in the form of the Google +1 button.   In some ways it functions very much like the Facebook button, but it is going to have a much bigger impact on how people find you.   So here are some very good reasons why you need to start using the Google+1 button in everything that you do online:

1) Much like the Facebook like button, it is meant to provide social proof.  To show that people like your site, article, listing, etc.   The facebook like button had a big impact how people perceived websites and their are test results that show the more ‘likes’ a site had the better it converted.   The Google +1 button is having the same effect, and adds credibility to your website.

The major difference is that the Google +1 button can also be found on your search result.  So if someone searches for “Contractors in Boston”, each search result will have a Google +1 button next to it, with the ability to click on it.   This is huge since Facebook could only provide likes on a page, Google can now provide +1’s on search results

2) While Google claims that it will not give added weight to +1’s when determining ranking in search results, initial tests I have conducted on my own site have shown that sites with Google +1’s  are given more “juice” in the search results (or in other words, higher ranking).  Let’s face it, Google WANTS to control how people see and view the internet… the more products of Google that you use, the more impact it has to have on your research engine results.   They are competing with Facebook for advertising dollars, so in my opinion, they are going to give more weight to their own programs than they are to competitors… that is business.

So how do you capitalize on this?   Get your friends, family, clients to start giving you Google +1’s….  give your customers/clients an incentive to do it!  Ultimately it is going to increase your exposure and bring in new business.  It is giving you the social proof and credibility that is important online.

So if you haven’t added the Google +1 button to each page of your site, I suggest you do it as soon as possible.  Below is a link to a video from Joe Polish, who is well known in the Internet Marketing community.   It is an interview that he did with a couple of the top professionals in internet marketing, talking about the impact of the Google +1 button…  it is worth listening to:

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