Email Marketing: What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Sending Out Your Next Email

Email Marketing:  What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Sending Out Your Next Email

At some point, every business owner will end up sending out email advertisements, marketing emails, or even just updates about your company (if you are not, you are missing a huge opportunity to boost sales and bring in new customers)…  but did you know that every email you send out to customers on your mailing list or in your database could potentially cost your business $16,000????  Yeah!  I would venture to guess that most people didn’t know that.   $16,000 is the fine that can be enforced under the Can-Spam Act.

The Can-Spam Act was created to help eliminate the email spamming that was occurring over the past couple of years.   While the concept was much needed, this could potentially impact your business if you not aware of the guidelines that have been put into place.   The Can-Spam Act differentiates email types based on the purpose of the message: Commercial Content, Transactional or Relationship Content, and Other.   Depending on what category your email falls into, there are certain guidelines that must be met to ensure your email is compliant.

Here is a link to a guidebook that outlines the Can-Spam Act, and what needs to be done to be compliant:

For my own business, I use two different companies to send out my emails, which helps add an extra layer of protection since they manage all of the opt-out requests and help ensure the emails we are sending are compliant.   The two I use are and  Both of them have worked well, and I wouldn’t say that either one was better or worse than the other.   If you are sending out your own emails, I would suggest downloading that Compliance Guide just to make sure that you are protected on everything that you email.

I was given a crash course in the Can-Spam Act when I recently purchased a mailing list that I was going to use for my primary business.   Tomorrow I will tell you all about what you can and can’t do with a mailing list, and if you get offered to buy or use a mailing list, what you should ask for.  Check back tomorrow for part 2!

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