Communication is Key to Good Customer Relations

Communication is Key to Good Customer Relations

If you’re a homebuilder, your biggest priority right now might be simply finding a buyer rather than worrying about customer relations, but signs seem to indicate that we’re slowing working our way out of the mess the housing market has been in the last several years. Sooner or later the sound of nail guns will be heard again in housing developments across the country and maintaining a good relationship with your buyers will once again be a part of your company’s day to day operations. Two areas that are often important:

A Community with Multiple Sections

When a desirable development is opened for sales, there is often a rush by purchasers to be first in line for the initial section. The primary reason is usually that they know pricing will normally rise as the community is built out and there’s a good chance their homes will appreciate with each price increase – at least that’s the way it used to work. There are also other reasons for getting into the first section such as being closer to the subdivision entrance and perhaps getting a choice of the best lots in the community.

You can make your life a lot easier and do a lot toward maintaining good customer relations by making sure these initial purchasers understand that construction in the project will continue for quite some time after they move into their homes – depending on the size of the community and the sales pace it may be for several years. That means that there will be daily noise not often found in established neighborhoods, construction traffic will be on the roads, and there’s a good chance that home they may be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for will be dusty for awhile. While you might think these items should be understood by someone buying in a new community, many buyers seem to think that as soon as they move into their homes all construction in the area will come to a complete stop.

Site Visitation

If you don’t want constant calls about everything being done wrong on their home during construction, establish strict site visitation rules with your customers and if at all possible, always have a sales manager or construction superintendent accompany them on their visit. It shows that you care about their concerns and helps prevent confusion and misunderstandings during the construction process. It can also help prevent accidents from happening that might occur when someone walks through a house that isn’t safe for non-construction traffic.

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