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How to Lose $3 Million In a Year Sounds like an uplifting story doesn’t it?  We all know the economy sucks right now, but there are a lot of companies that haven’t been able to weather the storm, so consider yourself lucky if you are still in the game.  One fact that most people don’t know about ME is that,... More
Posted by admin on Nov 18, 2010

Why Every Construction Business Should Know What 'Angie's List' Is Have you ever heard of Angie’s List?  I am sure some of you have, and some of you may have even used it for your own personal use.   If you don’t know what it is, you might be missing out on one of the best lead sources and potentially most damaging social media outlets on the... More
Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2010

You Can Be A Professional Mind Reader Too! Ok, so I am not really a mind reader, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually know what your potential clients were thinking and address their concerns even before they bring them up?   Well, it really isn’t that hard to do.  One of the unique aspects of my cabinet kitchen... More
Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2010

Construction Business Case Study: How 3 Companies Are Taking Different Approaches to Grow Their Businesses Over the past couple of weeks I started surveying random businesses in the construction industry to find out how they were holding up in the current state of the economy, and what they were doing that was allowing them to stay afloat while a large number of construction companies have been filing... More
Posted by admin on Nov 08, 2010

Improving Business Communication Tips to improve business communications When it comes to business communications, equal attention should be given to what we say as to how we say it. We’re often quick to fire off an e-mail for expediency sake, but if we aren’t clear in our message, how much time do we really save? Regardless... More
Posted by admin on Nov 05, 2010

Using Safety and Quality Programs to Sell Your Services We usually look at safety and quality programs as being things we do because they’re the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to send people home safely and it’s the right thing to provide quality workmanship. But these are also aspects of any contracting organization that should be part... More
Posted by admin on Nov 05, 2010

Website 101:  Why Choosing the Right URL is So Important Whether you already have a fully functional website or if you are still behind the times and haven’t had a website developed, it is never too late to take a look (or a second look) at your URL (also know as a domain name) to see if it actually the right one for your business. By nature, most... More
Posted by admin on Nov 04, 2010

Facebook Versus LinkedIn-  Which Social Networking Site Is Better For Your Construction Business? For some people reading this, social networking may be a foreign concept, especially in the construction industry. How could blogging, tweeting, or posting possibly help a construction business? Believe it or not, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and all of the other social networking and... More
Posted by admin on Nov 03, 2010

Value-Added Bidding: The Key to Winning Highly Competitive Bids Project costs will always be important to owners and architects, but another factor comes into play on particular projects (and bidding is tight) that can mean the difference in awarding the bid to one contractor or another.  For anyone unfamiliar with the term “Value-Added Bidding”,... More
Posted by admin on Nov 03, 2010

The Top Challenges Facing the Construction Industry: 2010 Survey In 1970, Walt Kelly had his famous comic strip character Pogo use the phrase “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us” in an Earth Day poster.  Since then, we’ve seen it applied in diverse settings – from discussions of information overload to the road system to our nation’s challenges in... More
Posted by admin on Nov 03, 2010

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