• Social Media Revolution- How Will It Impact The Construction Industry?


    The Future of Google- How it is going to Affect Your Business

    Google has a cat and mouse game that they play with site ranking, the search engine results, and providing the best user experience possible.  Internet Marketing companies try to use Search Engine Optimization techniques to get the best possible ranking for companies like yours.   Strategies are... More

    Why the Fine Print is Important

    I recently worked with a contractor who, while he does incredible work and has always had a good track record for satisfaction, he often performed work or starting doing work without having a contract in place.  Provided the job goes exactly according to plan, everyone will be happy and the fact... More

    One Click Advertising: Are You Onboard?

    One Click Advertising: Are You Onboard?I’ve been working on the content for the website of a young Texas homebuilder the past week and it suddenly struck me just how much construction advertising has changed during recent years. When I first started building homes almost 30 years ago, quite a bit of my time was spent chauffeuring... More

    What’s Really Happening on your Projects?

    What’s Really Happening on your Projects?How much time do you spend on your jobsites? Running a construction company these days is often a 12 hour a day, 7 days a week job that’s filled with stress – especially when you have other people depending on you for their jobs. But even though you might be extremely busy, don’t forget what... More

    Network your Way to New Jobs

    Network your Way to New JobsWhile your hands may be full these days trying to keep up with all aspects of your construction business while operating with a reduced staff, there’s one small task you shouldn’t overlook: making time to join local, state, and national organizations that help you network your services. Being a... More

    Is your Overhead Costing you Jobs?

    Is your Overhead Costing you Jobs?As you well know, times are tough for many companies in the construction industry these days – especially for smaller contractors with limited resources. Bidding for jobs has become extremely competitive and it’s often difficult to comprehend how the winning contractor is able to complete the... More

    Look It Up: Construction Books to Add to your Office

    Look It Up: Construction Books to Add to your OfficeSeasoned construction professionals like to think there’s little they haven’t seen over the course of a long career. However, the truth is that one of the things that make a career in construction so much fun is that you have the opportunity to learn something new almost every day. There always... More

    Is It Time to Start Subbing all your Work?

    Is It Time to Start Subbing all your Work?It wasn’t that long ago that many construction companies did all of their work in-house. If they had a foundation to dig and pour, their heavy machinery or backhoe operator did the digging and their concrete crews got busy. In many instances these companies even had their own plumbers,... More

    The Inspector isn’t Always Right

    The Inspector isn’t Always RightFew things are as frustrating in the construction industry as having a building or home come to a screeching halt due to a failed county or city inspection. Whether you’re hoping to close in the framing with sheetrock or looking for permission for the owner to occupy the structure, just about... More

    New Construction vs. Remodeling: What You Need to Know

    New Construction vs. Remodeling: What You Need to KnowIt wasn’t that long ago that a small homebuilding or general contracting company could stay busy by building houses. There was more than enough business to keep everyone busy – even when the large regional and national builders were figured in. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country... More

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